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goodmamas's Journal

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Community Rules -- Please read before posting!!!

* This is a community for goodmama fans to congregate and talk about, what else, goodmamas!
Please keep your posts and comments:

1. On topic

2. Kind to others: no snarking, nastiness, fighting, etc. This is absolutely not tolerated.

3. Positive and whine-free.

4. Put your pictures behind an LJ cut.

5. Customer service issues need to be emailed to customerservice@thegoodmama.com, not posted here. The other ladies in the community cannot help you but the goodmama customer service team can.

6. Keep your language PG rated.

7. If an entry has a lock by it, it is friends locked so only members of this community can see it. Do not cut and paste to other boards or communities anything you see behind that lock. Right now this community has open membership so anyone can join. If others want to see what is said here, they need to join the community.

8. No cross posting. We want all content here to be original and unique to this community and those who are members of the various communities don't want to see your post twice.

9. Feel free to post and share pictures (behind a cut), stories, tips, anecdotes, etc. about your goodmama diapers and products and your love therof! We love to see your enhanced goodmamas as well including embroidery, dyeing, etc.

10. Don't link to your own sales or auctions.

11. Only post your ISO/IHA's during the weekly ISO/IHA thread. This includes your for-sale items. They must be in the ISO/IHAs as well. These are on Thursday.

12. If you are selling your diapers for more than retail plus shipping, take them to spots or elsewhere, not here.

13. Check feedback before you accept a trade/sale/etc. We are an open community so it is up to you to protect yourself. Take responsibility. Also, do not flake out on trades or sales. Someone will call you out in diaper_drama and you really don't want that! Communicate!

12. Most of all, be friendly! This is a nice community. Please welcome all newcomers with open arms. Be willing to answer questions! The more goodmamas the better!

13. All posts will be moderated. This means that they go into a queue to be approved by a moderator before they are made visible to the community. Remember that the moderators have lives and jobs and may take a little while to approve your post. This is especially true on weekends. Posts that are redundant or do not meet the community rules as listed above will not be approved. We are moderating posts to reduce trolling and drama. The only other option is moderated membership and we don't want that any more than you do!

14. If your posts or comments do not meet the community guidelines they may be deleted without warning or notice.

Welcome and have fun!

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